This film was created as a one-of-a-kind self-tape audition by actress Emily Ashby and the filmmakers for the role of Teela in the announced “Masters of the Universe” film. To that end, the film isn’t a “fan film” in the traditional sense, as its original purpose and story was more of a showcase for Emily rather than an unofficial attempt at expanding the MOTU canon. Of course, we absolutely hope fans of MOTU and beyond enjoy it and take it for what it is: a rollicking good time watching a classic MOTU character kicking butt in a Hong Kong / Jackie Chan inspired piece, having fun with the fabled Power Sword! All original music featured in the film was composed by Gerrit Wunder (CW’s “Stargirl,” Netflix’s “Slumberland”) exclusively for the film. Permission to use “Heartless Madness” by Dynazty was received by the filmmakers courtesy of AFM Records. Original sound by 10 time Emmy nominee Patrick Hogan (“Cobrai Kai,” “The Umbrella Academy”). Stunts by Hong Kong stunt actor and coordinator Christian “Kang” Bachini.