Creative concepting – treatments – screenwriting – budgeting


Every production is only as good as the time and effort put into planning for success. As a filmmaker and content producer, I’ve developed dozens of projects from the ground up including creative concepting, treatment & pitch deck creation, screenwriting & copywriting, and budget creation. Whether it’s a feature film, a commercial, or branded digital content, I have the skills to produce exceptional results.

Creative Concepting

I believe story, more than anything, is what allows creative work to connect with an audience. What is the core theme of the work and why is it important? As a director and producer I always start here, then begin to iterate – adding layers of style, plot, characters, technique, and form until something original takes shape.

Pitch Decks and Treatments

A good deck goes a long way. There really isn’t a better way to express a visual concept, tone, goals, and plan of a production before filming begins. I’ve created dozens of decks that have successfully sold projects, including feature films, commercials, branded content, and documentaries.


Once your project is sold, you’re gonna need a script. Whether it’s one page or a hundred, your project will live and die by the quality of the words on those pages. I’ve written scripts for feature films, TV shows, and commercial & branded content, some of which have won awards. I also sold and produced my first feature screenplay in 2022, “The Deep Dark”, which I co-wrote with my long time collaborate Dave Yohe.

Budget Creation & Tracking

One of the most important parts of producing is efficiently using your budget to create the best work possible. After 15+ years in the film and video industries, you learn a thing or two about how to make a production sing, no matter the size of the budget. I’ve created and owned budgets for short form content and feature length films, and know how to bring a production in on time and under budget.

Sample Treatments