Editing – motion graphics – compositing – color correction

Post Production

I started my career in Post Production, working at Deluxe Digital Media as an in-house editor, doing both offline and online editing for features and TV shows. After Deluxe, I served as the Lead Editor at a boutique production company, Windowseat Pictures in Los Angeles where I edited TV shows, commercials, and digital content. I’ve continued to work in post in my freelance career, and have further developed my skills with motion graphics, compositing, and color correction.


When I first opened Final Cut Pro V1 at age 13, I immediately fell in love with the art of editing. The freedom to craft a story in the computer, and the ability to iterate freely felt like the possibilities were endless. Since then I’ve stayed on top of the latest NLE technology, and I’m fluent in the top NLEs today, including Adobe Premier, Avid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve. I’ve cut narrative films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, and digital branded content throughout my career.

Motion Graphics & Compositing

After Effects has opened up another dimension in post production for me. Being able to easily create dynamic graphics in 2D and 3D helps give a professional polish to my projects. The power of AE to work as a compositor also allows me to do VFX work quickly and seamlessly within my editing projects.

Color Correction

Color is an integral part of creating the final emotion of a film. I consider color even before we start shooting. Learning DaVinci Resolve has given me the opportunity to control color through the entire production pipeline. Doing final color is one of my favorite parts of the post process, it’s like putting the icing on the cake.